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   Updated: January 2013
Mualimi  افضل برامج تعليم اللغة العربية لكافة المراحل الدراسية ولكافةالاعمار- معلمي - احصل علي نسختك اليوم -  للمدرسة - للبيت -للمكتب - علم اولادك اللغة العربية لتحقيق تفوق يمنحهم مستقبلا افضل
Mualimi v5.1 for Windows PC and Vista   Enjoy it...  New

Mualimi for XP and Vista

Pearlink Software announced the worldwide release of Mualimi v5.1 (My Arabic Teacher) for Windows XP. Mualimi is now available for shipping with some exciting updates.
The new version 5.1 for Windows XP offers compatible features to My Arabic Teacher's Macintosh v2.1.2 as listed on Pearlink Software website, beside some major updates and interface upgrade.
"Pearlink Software understands the students' needs, and by providing such complete learning environment, we add our 30 years of know-how in foreign language tutoring methodology for individuals and students in public and private language tutoring institutions," said Al-Akili.
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Discover Discover
Egyptian Museum - heritage
Tiny WorldThis Exhibition is a revival of the cultural patrimony of the Mediterranean countries undertaken by the Ancient Civilizations Institute and the Reform Revivals of Modern Period as the preset agreement between Egypt and France. .. Read more!New

Language Institute - Abu Dhabi University

As part of Abu Dhabi University, the Language Institute (LI) is concerned with the overall education of each student. The mission of the LI is to enable students to communicate effectively within the context of their academic programmes and their future professional lives. The LI will also serve the local community through the provision of general and work-related language programmes.

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MyArabic Teacher Get the best Arabic language tutoring software.

Patrimoine national

DiscoverLe Maroc dispose d’un patrimoine culturel aussi riche que varié. Le volet tangible de ce patrimoine englobe une diversité de thèmes et de formes reflétant une profondeur historique remontant à la nuit des temps conjuguée à un contraste géographique ayant modelé au cours des temps immémoriaux des formes divergentes d’adaptations des populations humaines.

Islamic Heritage - India

Islamic Heritage - India
Some of India's most beautiful heritage is derived from the Muslims who invaded India over the centuries. While the Taj Mahal is but the most famous of them, the Islamic influence is well integrated into the modern Indian society. Here is a picture collection on Islamic arts and monuments of India.

Geo Tourism In Oman

Geo Tourism
Oman can offer a compelling sense of exploration and discovery, and a wildlife holiday that few would imagine possible. Tourism aimed specifically at those interested in the natural environment, or eco-tourism, may be the keystone to the future of the industry in Oman. Thoughtfully planned and carefully managed it will allow for the generation of revenue without clashing with conservation concerns and cultural heritage.
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World In Cartoon

World In Cartoon Here are some of the new cartoon stories by the cartoonist.
*Ordering what is bad!
Pondering the consequences of one' actions.

Ibn Battuta

The Great Traveller
Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Battuta, also known as Shams ad - Din, was born at Tangier, Morocco, on the 24th February 1304 C.E. (703 Hijra).... More...!

Mualimi In Casablanca

Casablanca Morocco The A2 International Education fair with its 11 years background in the education counseling field will hold a two-days fair this April 29-30, 2005 at the Sheraton Hotel in Casablanca, Morocco. Representatives from renowned international institutions from the U.S.A., England,Canada, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Australia, Cyprus, Turkey, and Malaysia will join this important international fair. More...New

VOA Offers English Online

ESLVoice Of America - Online - in Washington Offers English language course for listeners in the Arab World. Basic and Intermediate Levels. Users can either learn online with an Arab speaking instructor, or download some forty lessons, and learn at his or her own speed. Try it.

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Radio Tunis - Quran

Radio Tunis

Listen to Live or pre-recorded programs. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
Listen to News, live broadcast,or select Quranic Suras! Listen Now!

Radio Tunis

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